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BCC: Put your money where your mouth is (part 2)

Although our protest camp on college green was never really directed at Bristol City Council (since the issues that brought us there aren’t within their power to change) we did ask them to do something to show that they took … Continue reading

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Occupy the New year!

As we have been expecting for some time, the council and cathedral have today started eviction proceedings against the camp. We are pleased to note that during our time here we have got both the church and the council talking … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Thermal imaging shows protesters are sensible people

So it turns out the Evening post have hired a thermal imaging camera and have discovered that only a couple of tents are occupied. They could have saved themselves the bother and just asked us, we would happily have explained … Continue reading

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The People’s Top Ten of 2011

What do YOU think has been the most striking image of 2011? What news story is most significant for you? This time of year we are usually over-run with lists (compiled for us by the 1%) of the ten best … Continue reading

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Occupy Bristol end of year report

It’s been just over two months since Occupy Together Day, 15th October. There are so far 2,686 occupations listed around the world. All sending a message to the 1% that people have had enough now. Time to take stock of … Continue reading

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University of Bristol Student Union in support of Occupy Bristol

Dear Occupy Bristol, in all your many forms, Recently, at a Bristol University Students’ Union democratic meeting involving over a hundred students, a motion was passed entitled Support Occupy Bristol, the ‘believes’ and ‘resolves’ of which are as follows: This … Continue reading

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Bristol Quakers Statement on Occupy Bristol

Full text of the statement: “We have received the statement from Our Recording Clerk and unite with it. Several local Friends have been active in supporting Occupy Bristol on College Green and we thank them. We encourage Friends to read … Continue reading

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A better Bristol 2050

We recently became aware of the 2050 plan for future of the city. Some of the thinking has clearly been contributed by the Conservative party. (Some of the .pdf documents literally bear the title ‘Conservative Manifesto’) The lead in this project is John … Continue reading

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Neo-liberal Capitalism is morally, intellectually and actually bankrupt.

A view from an occupier. Over the last 20 years we have witnessed remarkable technological achievements and advancements in our understanding of the sciences. Today, we have the opportunity to purchase items and engage in activities the likes of which … Continue reading

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Moving on

Photo of Billy Bragg in our half complete communal bender. By Dru Marland We had a really good meeting earlier where we pulled together some loose threads. It had felt for a couple of days that the camp had been beginning to … Continue reading

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