Safe Space Policy

Occupy Bristol – Safe Space Policy

* All decisions concerning the Occupy Bristol site are made collectively at the Open Meetings.

* The Occupy Bristol site is a space for everyone. This means it is a space free from negative actions and behaviour where everyone can can feel welcomed and respected.

* We are in statement, and intent a dry site with no alcohol or drug use.  This is difficult both morally and practically to enforce.

* To these ends people visibly under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs are not welcome

* The occupy Bristol site is a space free of oppressive behaviour, aggression, discriminatory language, exclusion and marginalisation.

* This includes but is not limited to: race, gender, sexuality, age, ability, religion etc.

* If you see people acting contrary to the above, challenge them. If you act contrary to the above, expect to be challenged, which might mean being asked to leave.

* Respect people’s physical and emotional boundaries. Respect peoples’s opinions, beliefs and differing points of view.

* Be responsible for your own actions and safety and the safety of those around you. Get help if you need it.

* If concerns should arise they should be they should be dealt with collectively. If you have experienced negative behavior then speak to others.

Together we can help maintain a positve space for all.

Safe Space Policy as amended & passed at Occupy Bristol General assembly on 17th Oct 2011