One Movement: Two strategies, and fancy dress eviction

There have been mixed messages in the media and on our Facebook page about whether Occupy Bristol is leaving college green or not, so we just wanted to clear things up.

At the General Assembly meeting on Wed 11th Jan it was agreed that we would attempt to negotiate an end date with the Cathedral and Council as communication from the Cathedral had lead us to believe they were open to this. At the end of this meeting there was a general sense that Occupy Bristol would be leaving. Another meeting was held the night before the court hearing and those present decided they would peacefully resist eviction. There was a breakdown in communication and as a result a statement was issued on Fri saying that we were leaving by people who believed this still to be the case.

Although a number of those involved in Occupy Bristol still think the best thing would be to leave, they respect the decision of those who wish to peacefully resist eviction. A lot of the site will still be being taken down and rubbish removed before the eviction happens. There is majority support among all involved, that any resistance should be peaceful.

The word ‘peaceful’ must be reiterated here. We have said from the start that we are committed to non-violence. We are still committed to this and we call on anyone who comes to support us in resisting eviction to respect this.

We would also like to invite anyone who wants to support us in peacefully resisting the eviction to wear fancy dress, to bring a bit of humour to the proceedings.

One of the things many of us have learned since Occupy Bristol started is to respect each other’s points of view. Although there is a difference of opinion on whether to stay, we are still united in what brought us together, which is a desire to fight inequality and injustice as part of the global Occupy movement.

We will be continuing to work together and support each other as we move into the various projects that will make up Occupy Bristol: Phase 2.

Stay tuned…

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