We are occupying College Green in central Bristol in solidarity with the global occupy movement, started by Occupy Wall Street.

We believe in people not profits, and in fairness.

Ordinary people right now are paying the price of a recession caused by bankers. But bankers seem to be the only people who aren’t suffering because of it.

People all around the world – millions of people, in over 1,000 cities – are coming together to express their frustration, to share their stories, and to talk about ways the world could be different.

If you are interested, College Green is now a space where anyone can come down, find out more, and get involved. We’re friendly and do not bite!:-)

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  1. Helen Jagger Wood says:

    I’m so pleased that people are taking to the streets over these matters of global injustice and the appalling political decisions that our governments are making to support a system that has failed and is patently failing. Your list of demands is absolutely reasonable and could hardly be disagreed with by anyone who loves life more than money, or who regards themselves as civilised. I shall try to join you, with other friends, when I can, but I live in Cornwall and have commitments to others down here. All power to your continued resistance to wrong; I shall do my little bit as and when I can – if it helps your cause to know a little about me, I am a 54 year old woman, former teacher, now a peer advocate in mental health, a poet and teacher of creative writing. And I am becoming more radical as I get older!

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