Working groups

Working Groups are groups working on different areas of activity related to the occupation. The groups have meetings to discuss the work they are doing and report back to the General Assembly.

Working groups are open to anyone who wants to get involved, so if you’d like to contribute to one of them, come down to the camp or drop us an email.

Infrastructure & Food
Communal structure building & maintenance
Site layout
Cooking/Heating facilities and fuel
Recycling & Waste
Cooking & washing up rota
Food sourcing

Welfare & Tranquility
First Aid & occupier welfare
Monitoring dry camp & safe spaces policy
Bedding, clothes, tents

Communications & Outreach
Internet presence (email, website, facebook, twitter)
Welcome desk
Local outreach
Liaising with media & monitoring coverage
Networking with other occupations
Liaising with council/cathedral/police & other relevant organisations
Site décor & art

Legal & Finance
Seeking legal advice and representation
Advising camp on legal issues
Keeping finance records
Processing expenses and donations

Process & Facilitation
Planning and facilitating general assemblies and other meetings
Facilitator workshops & training
Facilitating communication between different working groups.

Protest actions
Talks and workshops
Site entertainment – Music, Film Screenings, Theatre etc

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