We are leaving College Green

Late on Wednesday night the Occupy Bristol camp met and discussed our plans for 2012. We agreed that we need to move from College Green. A consensus was reached to agree a departure date with the Council and Cathedral. A team of people have since been liaising with the Council and Cathedral to see if we could agree a date to leave.

One of the key concerns for us at this stage is to minimise any expense to the taxpayer. We hoped that the above route would mean that the Council would not need to spend unnecessary money on a legal battle. Occupy Bristol therefore decided not to legally contest the proceedings today.

We understand that some individuals chose to attend court to act as lay representatives for Persons Unknown. Our understanding is that the lay representatives were not given the opportunity to make a case to the court.  More details: videohere & here & here

We continue to have positive discussions with both the Council and Cathedral. We understand both have been working on statements that speak to the political issues Occupy Bristol have raised. We await these statements with interest.

We now have a lot of work to do in order to make the College Green site good in whatever time we have left on the green. Help from supporters would be appreciated over the coming days to assist with this.

We hope to have time to dismantle the temporary structures and to fully clear the site before it is handed back.

We will then continue to return to the site over the coming weeks and months to work on the re-grassing process.

This is clearly not the end of Occupy Bristol. We are only just getting started with projects like Bristol 2050 & Move Your Money

Watch this space..



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3 Responses to We are leaving College Green

  1. Phil says:

    You’ve made a good stand, but the one thing you’ve forgotten is your main strength, your mobility. Never give in! :0)

  2. anon says:

    I haven’t the heart to have a go, but I think you made a mistake in not having much public-facing activitities. Another error was all the “bilderberg” conspiracy stuff that, frankly, makes you look like street loonies. Best of luck in future, and please, read some books about politics and socialism?

  3. Kat Williams says:

    A very respectable decision presented in a mature and sensible way.
    I think those who doubted your motives will reconsider.

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