The People’s Top Ten of 2011

A photo of Occupy Bristol camp with a sign saying 'Welcome to Camp Hope' in the foreground.

What do YOU think has been the most striking image of 2011? What news story is most significant for you?

This time of year we are usually over-run with lists (compiled for us by the 1%) of the ten best films (music videos, shampoos, advertising jingles…) of the year. Of course they reflect the interests and values of the 1%. What we care about might be different. So why don’t we pick our own top ten?

The categories are:-

News story of the year

This could be the one that most sums up how we’re being taken for a ride – like top CEOs getting a 49% payrise, while the rest of us get cuts. Or it could be the story that gave you hope that people can come together and make a better world – like the women of Egypt rising up to protest against military brutality. It could be the the hacking scandal at News International, that shows how corrupt a lot of the mainstream media is, or it could be the increasing problem of climate change, which our rulers are pretty much ignoring because they are worried about profits, but which will be affecting us and our children for decades -or centuries- to come.

Image of the year

The photo, design or cartoon which stands out for you this year.

Hero/heroine of the year

Who do you think has stood up for fairness and people, against greed and injustice? Who’s given you hope? Honour them here!

Let us know your suggestions, in the comments below, or on Facebook, or on twitter (using the hashtag #peoples2011). Once we’ve got all your suggestions, we’ll run a poll, and announce the people’s winners for the New Year.

Remember, this is the Top Ten where YOU decide.

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13 Responses to The People’s Top Ten of 2011

  1. occupybristol says:

    News story of the year – 98 of 100 FTSE companies avoid tax by using tax havens All in it together, eh?

  2. occupybristol says:

    From Facebook:-

    Story – The Tunisian overthrow of the Ben Ali regime. In spite of brutal suppression and state sponsored massacres, the Tunisian uprising showed us all that it is still possible to crush tyranny into the dust of history.

    News story:
    The proof of the mass interception systems, and corporate surveillance of law abiding citizens by Western intelligence contractors. (including for ’political opponents’)



    Villain – Rupert Murdoch springs to mind, for his poisonous effect on the media and public life. Or George Osborne, mainly just cos his stupid plasticine face annoys me…

  3. occupybristol says:

    Nomination from Facebook:-

    Jody McIntyre being pulled out of his wheelchair an arrested during the student protests. Technically, this should not even qualify, because the demo was in December 2010, but I think the full implications didn’t sink in immediately and definitely informed the discourse in 2011 to a great degree.

    It illustrates so many different burning issues in one neat parable: the alienation of the police from the public, the anger and frustration of young people being punished for the sins of bankers before their life has even really begun, the insane perfidy of the pro-business right wing press (who tried to suggest McIntyre was a dangerous extremist who was lying about his disability).

    And it also gave us Jody McIntire the public speaker and occasional newspaper commentator – a passionate, smart young person of exactly the type we need to help us move towards a better future.

  4. occupybristol says:

    More nominations from twitter:-

    From martinmgrant

    Villain of the year – the 1%

  5. occupybristol says:

    More nominations from twitter:-

    From occupybristoluk

    News story – proof that the Occupy movement is having an effect

    From wsjaeboo

    Villain of the year – Syrian leaders for murder of their people& UN for failure to act to protect the carnage shameful.

    From ayiasophia

    Villain – Julian Assange, for showing there’s still a lot of misogyny in supposedly progressive politics.

    Villain – Philip Green . I have to pay my taxes, why doesn’t he?

    Hero – Nick Davies for his role in uncovering News International’s lack of morals

    Scary news story of the year – the collapse of economies across Europe, while the 1% act like business as usual…

  6. autumn says:

    I would like to suggest that Robin Lim is the Woman of the Year – she has been voted as a CNN Hero but deserves all the praise and credit available.

    She has promoted gentle birth in Indonesia through midwifery skills.
    The maternal and infant mortality rates around the world as appallingly high and she has helped many poor women and their babies stay alive.

  7. occupybristol says:

    Also from twitter:-

    From dnotice2012

    Hero of the year – Mohamed Bouaziz

    From marstrina

    Villain of the year (a new category!) – Eric Pickles

  8. occupybristol says:

    Great suggestions people, thanks. More, from twitter:-

    From ayiasophia

    Hero of the year – Osita Mba, the tax whistleblower.

    From ppetej:

    Image(s) of the year –

    From rebeldog_ath:

    Image(s) of the year – (fun with paint!)

  9. Richard says:

    News story:
    The proof of the mass interception systems, and corporate surveillance of law abiding citizens by Western intelligence contractors, including for ’political opponents’



  10. Gus Hoyt says:

    Can I nominate a group? If so; they courageous women of Tunisia. The first substantial domino of the year of Revolutions.

  11. woodsy says:

    Can one have a canine entry for Person of the Year? If so, my nominee would be Loukanikos, the Athens ‘Riot Dog’, who’s always to be found to the fore in any demonstration.

  12. Hero/Heroine – The 99%

    Image –

  13. I nominate “The 99%” for hero/heroine of the year. A little cheesy I know (especially off the back of Time magazine’s person of the year being “The Protestor”), but definitely this year has been about people all over the world collectively making a stand.

    As for images, this one gets my vote:

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