Breaking News: Thermal imaging shows protesters are sensible people

So it turns out the Evening post have hired a thermal imaging camera and have discovered that only a couple of tents are occupied.

They could have saved themselves the bother and just asked us, we would happily have explained that as the weather has got colder people have been moving into the structures which are heated, and therefore a reasonably comfortable place to be in the colder weather.

Some on camp have been planning to get all the tents taken down by January the 1st, not sure whether it will happen, but it is certainly planned. (This has already been reported on the BBC indidentally)

We have been talking about doing this since the 6th December when we said:

“We are also planning to re-structure and consolidate the camp to both improve the look of it and to help us prepare for the cold days ahead. There will be a few new small & low impact ‘bender’ structures made out of hazel and canvas appearing. We will also be taking down some of the other less practical and visually appealing structures, as well as some of the tents. We are looking forward to completing our communal bender which will be a warm dry place that we can conduct meetings and workshops.”

Getting the tents down will allow us to consolidate our camp and maintain a symolic presence on the green as we continue to plan our spring activities which will be happening around Bristol.

Things under discussion at the moment include: how we might discuss and plan a better more sustainable future for Bristol, expect announcements on this early in the new year.

* A Nationwide month of activity in March next year around the campaign to get people to move their money out of the high St Banks (who still owe the taxpayer £456 billion)

* A mobile tent outreach team possibly incorporating tent monsters

* Usefulness of Bank of ideas type space

* How to build creativity and artistic practice into the next phase.

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3 Responses to Breaking News: Thermal imaging shows protesters are sensible people

  1. Direct Action Volunteer says:

    International Day of Action Against Nuclear Power…
    Occupy bristol will be promoting, hopefully providing transport, and attending the March 10-11th Blockade of Hinkley point nuclear power station, nr bridgewater, Somerset… Check S.W.A.N on Facebook (South West Against Nuclear) for more info…
    And get involved!!!

  2. Benny says:

    Where’s your manifesto ?
    Where’s the engagement ?

    I support the right to protest, but you are not protesting: you are camping !

    • occupybristol says:

      Benny, our ‘manifesto’ is here and our engagement is a great deal of what we’ve been doing – from community days to hosting meetings of different groups all looking at alternatives to the present system, to our plans for a People’s Bristol 2050 consultation.

      If you think we should be doing something different then get involved!

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