Occupy the New year!

As we have been expecting for some time, the council and cathedral have today started eviction proceedings against the camp.

We are pleased to note that during our time here we have got both the church and the council talking much more seriously about inequality. In particular we are pleased that the cathedral’s planned programme of events has been changed to pay more attention to inequality.

We have been in productive conversation with the Dean for some weeks, discussing how we can move on to the next phase of our movement. We have recently restructured the camp, reducing the size and allowing much of the ground to regenerate.

In spring we plan to assist both financially and practically with efforts to put the Green to rights. We recognise this is an issue for many people. Many of us are driven to protest by our care for the environment, and the way our earth is being laid waste by unfettered greed.

Barbara Janke says they have heard complaints from our fellow citizens. Well, we have been listening to our fellow citizens for 12 weeks. We’ve heard how they’ve been affected by the cuts, hurt by the economic system and let down by the political careerists who are supposed to represent them.

We have faced problems here, in common with every other occupy site in the world. Many of these problems are caused by the broken society we live in. We have learned much from this phase. We’ve learned that although the system pits us all against each other, when we live together we are not alone & scared. We learn that we are not powerless, but capable of anything we put our minds to.

We look forward to the next stage of our movement. This will include our ambitious People’s Bristol 2050 project, and a series of discussion events. We hope that both the Cathedral and council will continue to react positively to this agenda.

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3 Responses to Occupy the New year!

  1. Unfortunately I doubt Bristol City Council and the local Church are going to take discussion seriously. Even if they did neither are in a position to effect global change.

    I think the next step has to be organised peaceful and widespread civil disobedience.

    The odd strike is ineffectual and just gets the middle englanders annoyed because they can’t shop at Harvey Nichols effectively (while their movements are tracked via their iphones).

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  3. Jon Rogers says:

    Readers may be interested that the Occupy Movement has been nominated as a contender for “Liberal Voice of the Year” over on Lib Dem Voice website. http://bit.ly/yu55n8

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