Moving on

Photo of Billy Bragg in our half complete communal bender. By Dru Marland

We had a really good meeting earlier where we pulled together some loose threads. It had felt for a couple of days that the camp had been beginning to fragment. We got together and cleared the air. We also took the opportunity to restate and re-affirm our commitment to both the Statement of purpose and the Safe spaces policy. We recognise it will continue to be a challenge to implement the Safe Spaces policy, but this evening we made a collective commitment to step up our efforts to do so.

We are also planning to re-structure and consolidate the camp to both improve the look of it and to help us prepare for the cold days ahead. There will be a few new small & low impact ‘bender’ structures made out of hazel and canvas appearing. We will also be taking down some of the other less practical and visually appealing structures, as well as some of the tents. We are looking forward to completing our communal bender which will be a warm dry place that we can conduct meetings and workshops.

We are still trying to organise a space to have a wider discussion about our tactic of camping on College Green. We still hope to use the council house, but alternate suggestions would be welcome at this stage.

We have a number of exciting projects, plans and schemes for moving our activities beyond College Green and we will be announcing these in the coming days and weeks.

Watch this space..

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