The People’s Top Ten of 2011

A photo of Occupy Bristol camp with a sign saying 'Welcome to Camp Hope' in the foreground.

What do YOU think has been the most striking image of 2011? What news story is most significant for you?

This time of year we are usually over-run with lists (compiled for us by the 1%) of the ten best films (music videos, shampoos, advertising jingles…) of the year. Of course they reflect the interests and values of the 1%. What we care about might be different. So why don’t we pick our own top ten?

The categories are:-

News story of the year

This could be the one that most sums up how we’re being taken for a ride – like top CEOs getting a 49% payrise, while the rest of us get cuts. Or it could be the story that gave you hope that people can come together and make a better world – like the women of Egypt rising up to protest against military brutality. It could be the the hacking scandal at News International, that shows how corrupt a lot of the mainstream media is, or it could be the increasing problem of climate change, which our rulers are pretty much ignoring because they are worried about profits, but which will be affecting us and our children for decades -or centuries- to come.

Image of the year

The photo, design or cartoon which stands out for you this year.

Hero/heroine of the year

Who do you think has stood up for fairness and people, against greed and injustice? Who’s given you hope? Honour them here!

Let us know your suggestions, in the comments below, or on Facebook, or on twitter (using the hashtag #peoples2011). Once we’ve got all your suggestions, we’ll run a poll, and announce the people’s winners for the New Year.

Remember, this is the Top Ten where YOU decide.

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