Neo-liberal Capitalism is morally, intellectually and actually bankrupt.

A view from an occupier.

Over the last 20 years we have witnessed remarkable technological achievements and advancements in our understanding of the sciences. Today, we have the opportunity to purchase items and engage in activities the likes of which our grandparents could never have imagined. Nevertheless, despite capitalism’s best attempt to satiate our every desire via the use of technology and marketing, the current economic system continues to fail many within our society. Poverty, homelessness, depression, addiction, war and an ever increasing suicide rate, are all symptoms of a society who’s happiness has diminished to the point that it has become, for some, almost unbearable to live. NHS figures reveal prescriptions for antidepressants have risen by 43% in the past four years to nearly 23 million a year.

Personal debt has skyrocketed due to a stagnation in wages and continued consumer price inflation. House prices and the cost of private renting have ballooned to the point whereby many people can barely afford to rent a single room, let alone a flat. Unemployment has continued to rise, while at the same time the Murdoch press would have us believe that those who unfortunately find themselves on the dole are simply work-shy layabouts who lack ambition. If capitalism cannot provide hope by delivering jobs with a decent living wage and pension, educational opportunities for our young people, adequate housing to bring up our children and security for the elderly, sick and vulnerable, we are morally obliged to create an alternative system that can.

Today the number of billionaires in the UK is growing an ever increasing rate. At the same time the number of children living in poverty is on the increase. We have more children living in the British care system than at any other time in its history. The youth of our society are not violent mindless thugs, they are angry at the betrayal they have been subjected to. All of us were told as children if you work hard you can achieve what ever you set your mind to. This simply is not the case. The class division within our society is greater than ever. When faced with the current economic reality, Social mobility has almost become a utopian fantasy.

Neo-liberal Capitalism is morally, intellectually and actually bankrupt. Now is the time to work towards alternatives.

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