A view from an occupier #7

Photo courtesy of noise of art

“My name is Henry. I am 18 years old. I am a university student in Wales. I speak only for myself, I do not represent the camp.

I stay here part of the time, commuting from Wales and my university commitments there. I am here because I want to oppose the uneven distribution of wealth and freedom in our society. There is one law for powerful corporations, banks and the elite 1% while the rest of us have little say or legal redress. Everyone knows the globalized financial system is run by billionaires who have got away with theft on an unimaginable scale, but not only have they escaped prison, their placemen are being put in charge of countries like Greece and Italy. This globalisation of criminality also means that we are all forced to live at the expense of poor people in the Third World who are working in slave/sweatshop conditions. This power elite that controls our lives is also degrading the natural sustainability of the earth we rely upon, with their selfishness and greed. I believe a better world is possible and am prepared to work hard to create it.”

Occupation is an idea, a tactic. It cannot be intimidated or evicted.

We welcome bold, fresh ideas on how to build our movement and advance our arguments 

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